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Cochlear Implants: A message from patients to researchers

From the information below I feel that as researchers we need to develop cochlear implants (CIs) further. This I consider my duty!!

cochlear Ltd.From "Events and Research in Speech, Language, and Hearing Disorders":

CI user’s mom said "I have a baby with CI and I wish researchers can find a very reliable way to do totally implanted CI, because I think people need hearing always and in each condition."

"I feel that we are placing to much hope into the development of a completely internal implant being released in our lifetime. I have a son who has bilateral implants and it would be amazing if he could swim, bathe, sleep and have sound during these activities. But the fact that he can have sound all of the other time is a modern-day miracle and we are so thankfull to all people putting in endless hours of research!"

"I’ve been fitted with a cochlear implant for about a year and still can’t really enjoy music. Will a new fully implantable one improve the sound quality and enable people to hear music?"

Cochlear Implant Swimming Youtube Video, Click here:

CI user’s mom said "Thanks for this video. Since I watched this video, I have taken my daughter swimming a lot more and she enjoys it way more than before. Before we would spend about 5-10 minutes in the pool. Now she wants to spend all day."