Ice skating and guitar solos

I’m writing this little contribution on Saturday night. Most people must be either watching the World Championships Ice Skating or enjoying themselves in the nightlife. Maybe you are lucky and you are in the Oosterpoort (Groningen) tonight listening to a concert by ‘Gare du Nord‘. Or you prefer to immerse yourself in the sounds of fabulous guitar solos and keep dancing like there’s no tomorrow. 

But there will be a tomorrow. And the more successful last night was, the harder the Sunday morning is. With a liver getting in overdrive and a brain complaining about a lack of water, you wonder why you cannot sleep any further. Soon you realize it must be that annoying beep in your head. Maybe standing next to the big loudspeakers was not a good idea after all. Well, let’s first take a shower, the beep will be gone during the course of this lazy Sunday.

 woman suffering from tinnitus 

Or not… Imagine this beep will stay with you. Always. More than a million people in Holland suffer from a disease called Tinittus. In about 10% of the cases the beep (or noise) is so loud that it limits them in their daily life. No effective treatment exists until today. But we are working on it. Brain stimulation can be an effective treatment method. And in our group we are developing the ‘uStim’-stimulator: it can stimulate the brain in a unique manner so that we can stop the beep. We use technology to manipulate faulty activity in the brain.

Sounds interesting? Keep reading this blog for updates about this little device. Oh, and keep enjoying yourselves on (Saturday) nights. But just as with all things in life: keep it safe. Unless you are watching the World Championships Ice Skating. I cannot think of any way how you can harm yourself while doing that…

Marijn van Dongen 

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  1. Great band, Gare du Nord. A must see. But yeah, wearing ear plugs is advisable in case of loud (>100 dBA) sounds. W.

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