Would you allow your brain to drive your car?

German scientists have managed to develop a car that can be controlled by signals recorded from the brain. These signals are captured by a brain interface based on electro-encephalography (EEG) sensors, which was originally designed for gaming.


Click here for a video that highlights the thought-powered driving system on a trip to the airport. More information on the BrainDriver can be found here.

Currently, the system still experiences serious latency, as the brain waves first have to be analyzed, clustered and classified — I’d recommend a multi-wavelet transform for doing so — before appropriate action can be taken. It still will take a while before we really can take our hands off the wheel, sit back and imagine we’re at our destination already.

One response to “Would you allow your brain to drive your car?

  1. Marijn van Dongen

    I can only imagine a future conversation as follows:
    “I’m sorry officer, I thought I was driving a lot slower!”
    “No, you didn’t!”

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