Biomedical Group Meeting today

lunchWhile enjoying lunch, the Biomedical Electronics Group gathered in the Davidse room (named after the former head of the Electronics Research Lab and also my "promotor", Jan Davidse) to listen to three presentations. The first one was by Duan Zhao, on an interesting new way of bridging the gap to low-power software radios by means of subsampling. After an introduction on the operation of a subsampling receiver, he explained to us a technique to remove the jitter originating from the sampling clock by using a harmonically related reference. Currently Duan is working hard on a manuscript to be submitted to GlobeCom.

The second presentation was by Neil Yongjia (as we call Yongjia because he will perform a song by Neil Young at the ELCA festival) on the correspondence and differences of successive approximation (SA) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and level-crossing ADCs. There is an interesting paradigm shift involved in the latter and many issues, such as DC sampling, bandwidth and slope limitations need to be investigated still. Nevertheless, it looks like the level-crossing ADC is a natural candidate for the conversion of physiological signals such as those that are generated by the body.

The third presentation was by Yours Truly, and was about how to turn your profession into the best job in the world. We touched upon cultural aspects, organizational aspects, academic aspects and personal aspects and things like procrastination, drive, bosses and the fun-factor. Probably in June, I will give a similar presentation to my colleagues of our faculty. 

Tomorrow will be the ELCA festical. Don’t miss it, as the world will never be the same…


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