Mr. Brain: The Role of Neuroscience in Crime Investigation

More than a week ago, Wouter recommended a Dutch documentary ‘Mystery of the brain’. I believe that the documentary must be very interesting but unfortunately I don’t understand Dutch… What a pity.

I also would like to share my experience with you all in a way that is more relaxing. There is a Japanese TV series called “Mr. Brain” that we can watch online at

After being busy with my research, watching it reminds me of myself and my work. It makes me smile sometimes. In these series, we will see how the detective and the neuroscientist deal with each other in a bitter-sweet-funny way. Understanding the brain helps a lot in interpreting the evidences that are left behind at the crime scene. Whenever the story goes to a complicated theory of neural processing there will be animations popping up to explain in a very cute way.

It is also good for kids, I think.

A few useful things I got from watching it:

  • I enjoy eating bananas more
  • I know where to sit in front of the girl I meet for the first time
  • Color comes first, shape follows but sound is the most powerful
  • We are using only 5% of our brain. There are still more than enough resources in our brain
  • For creativity, just don’t give up

Like Neil Yongjia said before singing: “I hope you’ll enjoy.”


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  1. Interesting! I’ll check it out for sure. Thanks for the post, June

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