It takes some cooking to prepare a good meal

Frequent readers of this weblog may have started to wonder whether the activities of the Biomedical Electronics Group have gradually fainted and dissolved in eternity, its members have all become hobos and it all ended in a big dream. Bzinga. The truth is, of course, that everybody is very busy and under the yoke of some deadline or another.

Senad and June been working very hard on a first proof-of-principle of a Tinnitus detector circuit. Such a circuit should allow for detection of the spatial properties of tinnitus and give objective information on its severity. This could, in turn, lead to more refined or adjusted stimulation therapies. Don’t sell your mother for it, yet, but expectations are high. The findings will be worked out in a manuscript, to be submitted to the annual BioCAS Conference today.

On the detection side of things, Yongjia has been working very hard on the new type of level-crossing analog-to-digital converter, described in an earlier weblog. Also this work will be submitted to the BioCAS Conference.

Duan Zhao received the good news that our paper (together with the Holst Centre) on a reconfigurable subsampling receiver has been accepted for presentation and publication at the PIMRC Conference in Toronto. Congratulations. He just returned from a visit to his home country and we’re happy to have him back again.

Of course there is more that can be reported, such as the coming ELCA day trip, the preparations for organizing BioCAS 2013 in Delft, the IMDI NeuroControl, more power-efficient neurostimulation circuits, higher-efficiency RF energy harvesting circuits, June’s paper that got accepted in Transactions on Circuits and Systems-I: Regular Papers (congrats, too), Sandro’s and Senad’s paper that enjoyed the same fate (congrats, too), STW Perspectief and how the Dutch Ministries of Economical Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation and of Health, Wellbeing and Sport have no clue on how to increase valorization in the Netherlands (as witnessed yesterday at the MedTech West Event), but this would make good stuff for another blog. So stay tuned!


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