Transcutaneous Vestibular Stimulator

Vestibular stimulators stimulate the vestibular organ (located in the ‘labyrinth of the inner ear’) and can therefore have a direct effect on the balance of a person. Triggered by some movies that show the impressive and funny effects that Vestibular Stimulators can offer, our group decided to build a very simple stimulator to experience the effects ourselves. We also have been informed that there might be interest for this type of stimulators for medical experiments, so there’s more behind it than just fun.

Transcutaneous Vestibular Stimulation uses electrodes that are put behind the ear of the subject (being ourselves in our experiments) and a current is injected. We decided to make the stimulator remote controlled to give the subject more freedom.

We could keep writing a lot more about this stimulator, but movies might be much more self explaining and fun to watch. Therefore, simply click the following link to see the effects of Vestibular Stimulators:

Movie 1

Movie 2


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