Objective measurement of the severity of tinnitus

Last Tuesday, dear Readers, Senad Hiseni, honorary member of the Biomedical Electronics Groups (as he seems to have good contacts with Barak Obama), won the Best Poster Award at the annual ICT.Open in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. The jury decided that the poster contained just the right amount of information, was very informative and nicely laid out, but also well presented by its presenter.

The poster is entitled "A Nano Power CMOS Tinnitus
Detector for a Fully Implantable Closed-Loop Neurodevice
" and has been derived from a paper that recently appeared in the proceedings of the 2011 BioCAS symposium, held in San Diego, November 10–12. 

Coauthors of the paper and poster are: Senad Hiseni, Chutham Sawigun, Sven Vanneste, Eddy van der Velden, Dirk de Ridder and Wouter A. Serdijn.



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