BELEM is an
Erasmus intensive training program labeled by the EU for 2012. BELEM
addresses the field of BioMedical Engineering (BME), with a
specialization in BioElectronics.
BELEM supports
multi-disciplinary research and helps young engineering researchers,
in the early phase of their research project, bridge the gap with
life sciences. BELEM intends to bring them the necessary background
and methods to conduct efficiently multi-disciplinary research
through a deep and broad integration of engineering and biology. [
The above text is coming from the BELEM website

BELEM took
place from 25th of March till 6th of April at
the University of Bordeaux, France. The course is especially
interesting for PhD students being at the first year of their
research. It gives an overview of the BME research area and can help
you in gaining a better understanding of your research topic. The
course consists of lectures about the topics in BME, a small research
project, a hospital visit and a bio laboratory visit.

people of TU Delft presented about their research. Wouter gave
lectures about the electrophysiological aspects in recording bio
signals and low-power circuit design, Marijn about electrode-tissue
modelling and Mark about the RF link between an implant and the
outside world.

Besides the
lectures, the course is a very good opportunity to meet fellow PhD
students from other universities working in BME as well. During the
course, you have the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences
with each other.


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