Video’s ELCA festival ONLINE!

Our loyal readers of this weblog have probably been waiting for this moment for a very long time and I am proud to finally present to the world: the video’s of the ELCA festival 2012!!
The festival was again a great success with many people attending. Besides the ELCA band (which is mainly composed of people from within our group), we had the honor that 3 other bands were performing: Ignoramus (where Cees-Jeroen is the lead singer), Three (where Wouter plays keys) and Rainbow (where June plays guitar).
Please find all the videos in our youtube channel or click one of the performances of the ELCA band in the list below:
ELCA Band 

Our ‘own’ songs: 

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  1. Great action, Marijn. Great movies, too. It all comes back to mind… Longing for the next edition already.

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